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There are three different versions of OnTarget!2 software:
Shaft Selector Xpert (SSX), Tapes And Charts (TAC), and Software for Archers (SFA).

Each version of software is a stand alone product, so make your selection based on the features you need. You do not have to buy all three programs...but hey, if you want all three, go for it! Pinwheel Software products all have a similar look and feel by design.

Use one version... and you're familiar with all three. They all share a common look and general operation. The only difference between the three products is their functionality.

The screen layout is organized like a file drawer of folders. Each tab in the group of folders has a specialized function. The reason that only one tab or "screen" is visible at a given time is simple: the program is organized in a manner that you don't need to access multiple screens, or even view them at the same time. All the data for each tab is on the tab currently being viewed. No need to search from screen to screen for the data you need. It's always on the tab you're working with.

Upgrade Policy
Pinwheel Software offers version updates to it products FREE of charge. Yes, you read correctly...FREE. You buy the software for a reasonable price and the program updates are FREE. Of course you will have to do a download and install, but that's the extent of your expense...a little bandwidth and a few minutes of your time. Our competitors charge $20 a year for this service. The math is simple...over a 5 year period, you'll spend $100 bucks keeping software from the other guys up to date and free of bugs. That might not sound like a lot, but wouldn't you rather buy a new sight or set of arrows rather than pay to fix program bugs that shouldn't be there in the first place?

Each program comes complete with comprehensive equipment databases. It should be noted that the databases are not required for program operation. They are merely for your convenience. Any piece of equipment that isn't in the databases can be manually added and then saved in a customized user record. No need to wait for database updates each year.

Databases Are Current Thru May 2016
  • Bows - Years 2002-2017 (1st 2017 release)
  • Shafts - Most Manufacturers
  • Sights - Most Linear and Slider Style Sights, plus Hoggernaut support!
  • Fletching - Vanes, Feathers, Spin Wings, StarrFlight FOBs, and TurboNocks
  • Nocks - Most Available, Including TurboNocks, Magnocks, and 100+ models from Beiter!
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Discover our customer comments and feelings regarding the effect our software has had upon their archery shooting skills.

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