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• Quickly and easily make super accurate, custom sight tapes.
• Print sight tapes on plain paper or a variety of mailing labels.
• Set all your fixed sight pins with a pin gap template.
• Create handy sight scale reference charts for target sights.
• Create angle cut charts for shooting up and down hill.
• Contains the most comprehensive Shaft Selection tool available.
• Print handy McKenzie, Delta, and Rinehart 3D target reference cards.
• Easily view data for any point in your arrow's trajectory.
• Visually simulate the effects of steep angle tree stand shots.
• See the effects that steep angled shots have on pin selection.
• Practice "what if" scenarios on images of 3D and paper targets.
• Learn the secret of how to accurately estimate unmarked distances.
• Output data from most program tabs to .CSV format files.
• Comprehensive online Help that is HTML based and easily printed.
Team OnTarget!

Sight TapesGenerate Sight Tapes in Numerous Styles and Configurations, Pin Gap Templates, and Standard Manufacturer Scales

Mark Reference ChartsGenerate Mark Reference Charts in M+C and M.C Formats

Angle Cut ChartsGenerate Angle Cut Charts for Various Shooting Angles and Distances

Trajectory InformationDisplay Trajectory and Raw Ballistic Data
Velocity CalculationsCalculate Velocity from Scale Marks, Pin Gaps, and Arrow Drop

Custom CalculationsCalibrate Program Calculations to Your Chronograph

Spine MatchingMake Appropriate Shaft Selection Based on Equipment Specifications

Arrow WrapsDesign and Print Custom Arrow Wraps
Shot SimulationPlot Arrow Impact, Effects of Steep Angles on Shots, Estimate Distances

Estimate EverythingArrow velocity, FOC, Grains/Pound, KE, Momentum

Calibrate EverythingCalculate Arrow Velocity and Performance

Print Setup FeaturesPrinter Options, Print User Summary, Layout of Tape and Charts

Ouitput Data GridsSend Program Grid(s) to Spreadsheet Compatible CSV Format Files

Program DatabasesDatabases of Bows, Shafts, Fletching, Nocks, and Sights

Free UpdatesNo Hidden Charges for Updating to the Newest Program Versions

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