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Software Support About SoftwareForArchersXpert
New Windows Archery Ballistics Software Package!!! A great shaft selection tool. It has more features and flexibility than any other shaft selection software on the market. Search by shaft manufacturer, construction, and usage. Choose to display discontinued shaft models or not, it's your call. You can also search the database for a specific weight range of a completed arrow, a specific shaft diameter range, or a specific range of percent FOC. It has screen tabs for setup configuration, matching shaft list, and shaft comparison list. A new feature found only in this version allows you to filter shafts by manufacturers from a check list. Only see the specific brands that interest you. A great tool with everything you need to make great sight tapes, mark reference and cut charts. The sight tapes can be easily customized for tape dimension, mark spacing and color, font style, header info, and short distance footer. Mark Reference Charts in feet and yards can be printed. The short didtance chart, in feet, covers from 3 ft to 59ft. The distance chart can cover ranges from 1 to 119 yards. Cut Charts are customizeable for any combination of range, angle, and color. It has numerous screens and tabs.. MySetup, Sight Tape, Spine Match, Mark Charts, Cut Charts, and Help.

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