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  System Requirements
  • Windows 98SE,ME,2000,XP,Vista,7-10 and Mac running Windows Emulators
  • Internet Explorer 5.0 or Higher
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Software Support
About OnTarget!2 Software for Archers
The big kahuna. It's got everything. All the functionality of Shaft Selector (SS) and Tapes And Charts (TAC), plus four additional tabs that cover ballistics charts and graphs, target simulation scenarios, how to accurately estimate unmarked distances, and access to some of the important system variables.

NFAA Bowhunter Classes
The Target Play simulation tab lets you experiment with pin placement on Field and Hunter round targets so you can establish your hold over/under aiming point.

Hunting or 3D
The ballistics tab has a "hit window" feature so you can plot you "margin of error" at a specific distance. If you hunt from a tree stand, see the effect that steep angled shots have on which pin or distance you should select.

It has eight screen tabs...Equipment, Calibration, Ballistic Data, Make Marks, Spine Match, Simulation, Print Setup, and Help/Misc.Config, Print Setup, and Help.

Current Databases - Thru Dec 2016 (1st 2017 release)
  • Bows - Most Manufacturers
  • Shafts - Most Manufacturers
  • Sights - Most Available Target Sights and Many Hunting "Slider" Styles
  • Fletching - Vanes, Feathers, Spin Wings, StarrFlight FOBs, and TurboNocks
  • Nocks - Most Available Including TurboNocks, Magnocks, and 100+ Models from Beiter!

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