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Spine Match
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  • Windows 98SE,ME,2000,XP,Vista,7-10, and Mac running Windows Emulators
  • Internet Explorer 5.0 or Higher
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About OnTarget!2 Shaft Selector Xpert (SSX)
A great shaft selection tool. It has more features and flexibility than any other on the market. You can search by shaft manufacturer, shaft construction (aluminum, carbon, aluminum/carbon), and shaft usage (target, hunting, both).

You can also search the database for a specific weight range of a completed arrow (with your components), a specific shaft diameter, or a specific range of percent FOC. From an operations stand point it is easy to use. It only has four screen tabs...Equipment, Spine Match, Wraps, and Help.

Current Databases - Thru Dec 2016 (1st 2017 release)
  • Shafts - Most Manufacturers
  • Fletching - Vanes, Feathers, Spin Wings, StarrFlight FOBs, and TurboNocks
  • Nocks - Most Available Including TurboNocks, Magnocks, and 100+ Models from Beiter!

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