Company History

Our company was created because we eat, sleep, and breathe every type of archery..and saw the need for affordable, accurate sight tape software. 

The basic sight tape generator expanded to include spine calculations for picking the correct arrow, simulations to show where your arrow would hit relative to where you aimed, and various ballistic charts and tables

The Windows desktop version of SoftwareForArchers (SFA) was first released in early 2001.  Sub-set versions ShaftSelector (SSX) and TapesAndCharts (TAC) followed in 2003 and 2007, respectively.

Changes in development tools led to a new Windows version, SoftwareForArchersXpert (SFAX), in 2012.  A native OSX version of SFAX for Apple computers followed in 2013.  The OSX version is the only archery software available that runs on a Mac without using a Windows Emulator.

2016 saw the release of OT2Go->Spine and OT2Go->Marks; two handheld apps for Android devices.  Support for  iPhones and iPads followed In 2018.

So, what’s next? A web version? Bring back TAC or SSX for Windows or OSX? Change the license model?

You tell us.

Larry Clague

Owner and CEO

The person behind the idea.

Larry Clague

Software Engineer

The nerd writing the code.

Larry Clague

Research and Development

The archer testing the product.