Welcome to the Pinwheel Software SFAX Desktop Download page. If you are looking for iOS or Android downloads, those are only available from the respective Stores, but we provide links to them on our Product page.

The downloads available here are the most current versions of SFAX for Windows and OSX.  The installer package and program knows to be a "trial" or a "registered" version when you install it. 

If you install the software and the first time you run it the "trial" is unavailable, see the FAQs or feel free to contact us.   Please note that some Anti-Virus and Firewall software do some weird things to protect you from yourself.   This is especially true for Windows, but also to a certain extent for Apple.     

Downloads for SFAX are not available from the Apple or Windows Stores.  The links on this page are the only authorized downloads for the SFAX Desktop products.