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Our software products are available on multiple operating systems...Windows7-10, Apple OSX, iOS, and Android..sorry, no Linux yet.  All of the apps run natively on the OS they were designed for.  NO EMULATORS!!.  

Desktop Licensing Options For Windows And OSX 

Available for both the Windows and Apple Desktop environments as a Download with a 10 day free trial. Just download the current version, install it, and make sure it works to your satisfaction.   

The Single User / Single System Download License is available for Windows OS 7-10  and Mac OSX.   Convert your trial version by making a purchase from within SFAX through the BuyIt! menu option.

The Multi-System License (MSL) is only available via e-mail after you provide proof of installation and usage

OT2Go->Marks for sight marks you can take anywhere.  The only archery software with a through-the-camera angle finder for calculating "cuts". 

OT2Go->Spine uses the same algorithms as the desktop version, so you get the best spine solutions right at your fingertips.


Available for Android and iOS platforms.

Google Play Store Apple App Store


Available for Android and iOS platforms.

Google Play Store Apple App Store
Android OS 4-8
Android Tablets

app is quite accurate for me

Murray Feist, 4 Feb 2019

Does a really good job in estimating appropriate spine selection.  While the base app is limited in application, the purchase of the database unlocks a lot of potential.  As far as customer support goes, I have had a very good experience with the developer (i.e. fast feedback and assistance in using the app).  I would give 4.5/5 if I could, not a full 5 as my personal preference is that the quick selection is a bit clunky.  Overall though, good app.

I think it's fantastic

Keith Macdougall , 26 Nov 2018

Sure it's a few extra bucks for the additional content but for an avid archer it is well worth it and super convenient on the phone. I had an issue with the database download so I had to uninstall and reinstall. All purchased content was retrievable except the save slots. I had to buy those again but Larry was very helpful and refunded my extra purchase immediately.

super useful product

Glen Eastman, 13 Oct 2017

Took me a while to get the hang of it it out but it's super useful really like it. Will help me save a bunch of money on arrows now that I can plug n play arrow and insert weight combos and can see what will work for my different bows

Good start! 

Tyler Stromberg, 12 Jan 2017

Finally a mobile app! I hate that it changes arrow configurations if you select different shafts. You have to save your record before you start your search otherwise you'll have to reenter all your numbers, pretty annoying.