Frequently Asked Questions 

Welcome to the Pinwheel Software FAQ page.   

We've listed a few of the most commonly recurring questions we receive. We try to keep this up to date. If you have a question that's not covered here and not addressed on our help page, feel free to contact us.   

Please note that these FAQs are not intended to answer every possible question.  For that, we provide documentation and several how-to tutorials on our main help page and also provide e-mail support.   We hope to have a user support forum setup in the near future,

I’m trying to purchase a Database Update and get an error..What’s wrong?

Security updates from Microsoft broke the automated purchasing process and, as a result, renewing a database subscription is no longer possible.   You may continue to use your legacy version, but there will be no new databases published and no new legacy program version releases.  

I purchased a new computer and want to load my software..How do I do that?

Microsoft has dropped support for the OS and Development Tools used to create the 17 year old "legacy" versions (SFA,TAC,SSX).  As a result, they can no longer be transferred or re-registered. 

Why aren’t there any legacy software download links on the webpage?

Because Microsoft has discontinued support for the OS and Development Tools used to create the legacy versions of SFA, TAC, and SSX,  support for those products can no longer be provided.

Can I upgrade my legacy version to the new SFAX product?

Sorry, no.  As of December 31, 2020, the legacy versions of SFA, TAC, and SSX, will no longer have an upgrage path to SFAX.  Direct any questions regarding this policy change via e-mail for details.

Why does the application screen appear so small?

It has to do with high resolution monitor displays.  Usually, you can make the app window look larger by selecting a lower resolution.  We're looking into changing app functionality to address this.

How do I update to the most current version of SFAX?

The way you update is download the latest SFAX install program.   Then run the installer that you will install the new version.  Just install over what you have.  DO NOT UNINSTALL.

There are links on the Pinwheel website.  The "trial" is the same as the "registered" version.

I purchased a new computer..can I transfer my license to a new one?

Of course!  Download and install the latest SFAX Windows version. Run the program.  It should be in trial mode.  On the Main Register then select Update Contact Info.  Fill out the contact information.  Exit SFAX.  Then restart SFAX.  When the program restarts, it will send the contact info along with the "fingerprint" of your new computer.  Then contact Pinwheel via e-mail requesting help with the license transfer.

When I purchased the Download version, I didn’t get a registration code..why?

You don't receive a registration key because the app self-registers on the computer where the purchase occurs.  If for some reason you need to manually re-register, just contact Pinwheel via e-mail for your registration key.

Sometimes, when I start SFAX, I get a License Server Error..why?

This can happen for a number of reasons.  The most common are when your Anti-Virus or Firewall software blocks internet access or the app has been denied permission to create the license file it needs.  

Why are some of the Standard Option buttons greyed out and not operational?

Verbage from the package installer ReadMe page...that most people just click through.."Features being worked on currently, or on the drawing board for future releases, are displayed in the "view" buttons at the left of the main program screen. They are not restricted (grayed out) because you are using a Trial Version. They are inactive because they are not yet ready for release."

Please feel free to send an e-mail with the list of incomplete features prioritized as you see their importance.  They will be ranked and addressed based on cumulative customer feedback.

Why don’t I see the most current bow model year?

The most common cause is that you just don't have the most current app version.  Check your version against what is available on the Pinwheel website.  Download and install a newer version when available.   A secondary cause might be a lapsed database subscription.

Why is the equipment I’m interested in not in the databases?

If your database subsrciption is current and you have the latest app version, it could just be that the manufacturer has not updated their webpage with the info needed to add the product.  Let us know if something is missing..we try to check frequently for new product, but occaisionally we miss stuff.  

How is Shaft Length measured?

Shaft length is the end-to-end measurement of the shaft material only.  No point.  No Nock.  No Nock bushing.   Just the raw shaft material.  If you use the AMO arrow length..nock groove to point will be entering a shaft length that is too long..which will give you erroneous results.  

What is the purpose of the “No Discontinued” check option on the Spine Match screen?

The shaft database contains almost two decades of shaft info.  Some of the shafts in the database are no longer made by the manufacturer, but are still in use by archers.  If the check option is not checked, all shafts in the database are searched.  If the check option is checked, only shaft models currently offered for sale are searched.

If I make changes on the Spine Match screen, they don't shw up on the MySetup screen..why?

Think of the Spine Match screen as a "what-if" scenario.  The changes you make there are not propagated to other screens unless you decide to export them.  There are check boxes in the title area of each group box containing items that affect spine.  Each may checked or unchecked.   When a group box is uncheck all input fields are locked and are not sent to the other screens when you press the Export button.

How do you calculate Dynamic Spine on the Spine Match screen?

Sorry.  That's a trade secret.  Suffice it to say, that each of the inputs on the Spine Match screen plays a part in how the calculation takes place.

What is the best way to measure velocity for a sight tape?

The most accurate method is to use two or three of your actual shot-in sight marks along with an accurate arrow definition.  You will not get the best sight tapes if you use a chronograph..unless of course your chronograph is in synch with the chronoghaph used to calibrate the app.    Say your chronograph is off by 3%..this is fairly normal..your 50yd tape mark will be off by 1.5 yards and your 100 yard tape mark will be off by 3 yards.  

When I make a sight tape, all the sight marks for the Min/Max range I’ve specified aren’t displayed..why is that?

If it's your short marks it is either the sight geometry or parallax.  There is a close distance where the sight marks begin reversing.  If it's the long marks, it is the Tape Height value being set to too small a number.  The marks will be displayed until the space you've defined is used up.

What are the Range and Mark+Click fields for on the Mark Charts screen?

Think of them in terms of the mark pointer on your target sight.  If you're shooting and determine you're off a loosen the screw holding the pointer an move it 1 yard.  Using the default numbers of 30yds and determing you're off 3 clicks at change the M+C value to 23+3 and press Redraw.  The entire mark table is redrawn..similar to moving the sight tape pointer.

Why do the data points displayed on the trajectory chart start out below the “0” elevation line?

It's because the arrow starts out below your line of sight the amount specified by your Peep Height setting.   SFAX is probablym the only archery ballistic software to accurately plot arrow trajectory.

Why should I fill out the Update Contact Info form?

It's optional, but it makes it much easier for Pinwheel to find your license information on the server in the event you need customer support.   A future app release might require that the contact info be filled out prior to using the trial version.  As always, your input on this is welcome..let us know what you think.

I uninstalled the app and I lost all my User can I get them back?

Unfortunately, you can't.  When you uninstall an app, all of it's in-app storage is deleted as part of the process.  

I updated to a newer program version and I lost some of the in-app purchases I can I get them back?

The app stores maintain most of the items you purchase.  If you tap the Store "basket" icon (in the lower right of the app screen) and then tap the Restore button, all of your restorable items will be downloaded.

I bought the app, but the only shafts in the database are "Placeholder".

The Placeholder database is the default supplied with the app purchase and allows the user to exercise all the program features.  A complete arrow database is available each year as a Premium outlined in the store product description.  The Premium database is updated during the year as new product is released by the arrow manufacturers.   As of 2019, there were 42 current and discontinued manufacturers available for $1.