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SFAX and OT2Go

Whether it's finding the most forgiving arrow spine for your setup or creating the most accurate sight marks possible, our software gives you the tools you need to make it happen.

Something For Every Archery Format

Regardless of the type of archery you enjoy shooting..indoor target, outdoor target, 3D, or hunting..and whatever flavor of computer hardware you have..Pinwheel has an app for that.


Available for just about any hardware you might have.  Windows desktop, Apple OSX, Apple iOS iPhone and iPad, and most Android devices. 

The desktop versions have free 10-day trials!

Windows Desktop

SFAX runs on all Windows versions from Win7 through Win10.   It contains all the tools you need in an easy to use format.

Mac OSX Desktop

The only archery ballistic software that runs natively on your Mac.  You don't need a Windows Emulator or Virtual Machine to run SFAX.  Just download and go!

iPhone and iPad

OT2Go->Marks for sight marks you can take anywhere.  The only archery software with  through-the-camera angle finder for calculating "cuts". OT2Go->Spine uses the same algorithms as the desktop version, so you get the best spine solutions right at your fingertips.


The same versions that are available for iPhone and iPad are also available on Android phones and tablets.  They have the same look, feel, and operation because they share a common code base..

Desktop Screen Shots

Just a few of the app screens..